Binance Review

Binance has been a leader in the crypto market since it began in 2017 and has now become the largest crypto trading platform in the world.  Binance is a great trading platform for all levels, they have very useful technical that show how the market is trending, while also keeping it simple for new traders to track what their coins are doing. Binance has an easy way to purchase crypto with very low fees making them one of the top trading platforms in the world. Binance has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to trade from, also allowing user multiple ways to trade them. They offer spot trading, margin trading, p2p trading, and much more. Binance also offers a platform for US traders called, this platform is compatible with the US trade regulations.

General Info

Web address
Main LocationCayman Islands
Daily Volume22.1 Billion
Mobile App AvailableYes
Transfer TypesBank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Crypto Transfer
Supported fiatUSD, GBP, EUR, AUD, HKD, INR, and more
Trading Fees.02%


  • Over 500 tradable Assets
  • Very Low Trading Fees
  • Accepts over 40 fiat currencies


  • No Built-in Digital Wallet
  • Binance US is are less advanced
  • Can be too technical for some users

Binance is the top of the crypto exchange industry and has made a huge impact in the crypto space. They offer many ways to trade with the lowest trade fees while also offering a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Binance is a world wide platform that allows anyone to easily buy into their favorite cryptocurrencies. They also offer a mobile app that allows user to track and trade crypto on the go. For the US user Binance offers a US version of their platform that has a much smaller selection of cryptocurrencies than Binance. 


Binance has been the top exchange platform if the crypto realm because of their low fees and high security for their traders. They also offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies along with great technicals to allow users to track their coins and invest easily. Binance has a great platform but unfortunately US user have have to use to trade using Binance. The platform limits the coins and tools for users and follows the US regulations to allow user to trade. Binance is an advance platform that may be harder for new investors to use but is great for the experienced trader allowing them to have more insights into their crypto. Binance is a great platform and it shows why they are the top crypto exchange platform allowing users from all over the world to invest easily in a well trusted platform that millions of traders use everyday.