Bitfinex Review

Bitfinex is for the experienced trader that is looking for all the tools and technical they need. With Bitfinex you have all the traditional ways to trade, from simple buy orders to margin trading every trader can find what they are looking for at Bitfinex. They also offer great information to new traders on how they can trade into cryptocurrencies. With very low fees Bitfinex can be a great way for an experienced trader to stay in the market and watch all their favorite coins. Bitfinex also has a great security system allowing you to feel secure using their platfrom to make crypto trades.

General Info

Web address
Daily Volume6,400 BTC
Mobile App AvailableYes
Available in USANo
LocatedHong Kong
Transfer TypesBank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, Crypto Transfer
Supported fiatUSD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CNH


  • Low Fees
  • Many order Types
  • Wide Variety of Tradable Assets


  • Not Allowed in the US
  • Not User Friendly Interface
  • Transparency issues

The key features of Bitfinex include:

Home to some of the world’s most sophisticated cryptocurrency trading features, Bitfinex is aware of the varying needs of different customers on its platform. Therefore, we devoted extra effort to developing distinctive features to cater for the various requirements of our customers. For professional traders and institutional customers, we have developed a suite of advanced features to meet the very highest standards.

Security Policies:

Our security team is continually improving our end-to-end security measures, improving auditing processes, and reducing the ‘attack surface’ of our infrastructure. Please note that we cannot disclose too many details of the security measures implemented on the platform for security and proprietary reasons. 

Some of the security measures highlighted below are in place by default, and others can be activated based on the security level you need. Please visit check the security status of your account and see recommendations.


Bitfinex is a great crypto exchange for the experienced user looking to gain more insights in their coins. It offers a  lot of differing ways to trade into crypto that a lot of other exchanges do not have. Bitfinex also has its down sides in that it is harder to use for new investors. It also has some transparency issues in that they are more private about their information than other exchanges. 

Overall this is a great crypto exchange that millions of users trust to trade on and it great for the experienced investor.